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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Overcoming Addiction

Evolve and help everyone to evolve

Based on eastern wisdom- 6000 years old, with 3000 teachers and texts supported by hundreds of customized practices to suit individuals and groups

What is the program?

A new and unique approach to drug de addiction, relapse prevention and restoring well –being


When we discover the subjective reality, we awaken to our true state of being which is free from habit and conditioning of our mind.

Programs and practices

There are thousands of practices related to body, breath, mind, emotions, intellect, and thoughts. It includes mindfulness too.

Why this program?

Because it is drug free, aims at freedom from habits and conditionings, safe, simple and effective.

We start from YOU

We start from conscious relaxation and continue until you discover inner peace and happiness that naturally drops any outer agents for pleasure.

Here you are for change and success

We know and explore your potential to change and change lives

Learn which attributes are most critical and powerful to create deterrence to drugs. We will design and deliver the practices based on your positive attributes.

Who should join and attend?

Any one who desires freedom from drugs, negative habits and has recurrent relapse. Anyone using drugs to manage pain and suffering can attend or join.

Program Benefits

  • Discover drug-use and drug –abuse in YOU
  • Learn natural ways and means
  • Replace anxiety, anger, panics with conscious rest, relaxation and inner calm
  • Change the pleasure principle of mind to happiness within
  • Increase personal power, build self-confidence to free from drugs
  • Change the brain by changing the mind by select personalized practices

Connect to the most powerful self within

Eastern wisdom at discovery of the real self in you. More than 3000 texts, teachers are with you to transform your life.

You get the most and the best in 60 minute session

Every session includes –brief talk, understanding steps of practice, doing practice, sharing experiences, discussion on what helps you and what not, dropping myths, home practice and strategies to deal with symptoms.

The information and education provided in the literatures for offering our services and products are intended to help people to know, how we give our programs and practices.

Many people have left medication in the beginning where as others continued that helped them. Because we address the subjective reality behind the mind as explained in the eastern wisdom, we do not intend to take any objective decision as far as medications are concerned. When people continue our programs, they experience positive and subjective changes, they can take the decision with their medical experts. We cover prevention, adjunctive management, relapse prevention, mental and emotional well-being approach.

No matter what is the approach of the eastern wisdom is, we focus our goal to discover your true nature and work together in harmony, close coordination and happiness.

We offer a powerful program with practices that change the mind. The change in mind creates a change the brain that affects behavior.

Science says that drug abuse alters the anatomy and chemistry of brain, manifesting in recognized cognitive, behavioral and physiological characteristics. These changes continue for years even after one has stopped abusing the drug. Any drug addict is at a high risk of relapse.

However, we encourage people with drug abuse to change their mental state by small, easy practices that may help change the brain and reduce the risk of relapse.

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Topics – learning, practice and experience

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness -
  2. Mindfulness – definition , meaning and practice
  3. How to move from wrong thinker to right thinker?
  4. What are the qualifications to succeed in the discovery of inner peace and happiness?
  5. Three principles that helps you succeed in relaxation and mindfulness
  6. Why your brain needs idle time to rest and relax
  7. The recipe for success in practicing rest and relaxation before mindfulness
  8. "Mindfulness is not for me" In fact - everyone can practice it. Really!
  9. The power of mindfulness
  10. Simple steps to practice mindfulness
  11. Practice mindfulness to manage anxiety at work
  12. Practice mindfulness to induce deep sleep
  13. Hints for success and overcoming barriers
  14. Using mindfulness in daily life.
  15. Maximize your opportunity to find peace and happiness
  16. The power of mindfulness. Feel and understand it through simple practices.
  17. When mindfulness begins, you are more than the body and the mind
  18. Discover what does not change in life
  19. Educate the mind to be mindful
  20. Mindfulness is not paying attention
  21. From delusion to dispassion is mindfulness
  22. Feel the benefits of mindfulness
  23. Learn from experience and awaken to wisdom
  24. Mindfulness is exploring the self
  25. Live in the world but world not within

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