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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Retrain the brain, release stress, and Discover inner peace and happiness

The program is based on teachings of masters and texts of eastern wisdom, includes Kundalini, Mantra, Laya meditations. Level/Module-1 Know it, practice it and experience it

Why this program ?

  • Manage stress, suffering in life
  • Achieve well-being
  • Awaken to inner peace and happiness

How the program works ?

We start with brief talk on the principles of eastern wisdom, followed clear understanding of steps, and guided practice followed by sharing of experiences.

How the program is different ?

Because our goal is to introduce the teachings of masters who discovered these practices, you receive the teachings free from cult, dogma, belief, religion etc..

Who can join ?

Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness, to resolve relationship challenges and professional stress. People seeking clear understanding of traditional wisdom will find it highly rewarding.

You will learn, practice & experience...

  • Play of Shiva- Shakti is the basis of existence.
  • Why should we start Kundalini-meditation with right intention?
  • Why do desires create stress and pain? How to transform the mind?
  • What are three main steps to retrain the brain and achieve well-being?
  • Why relaxed and poised pose is essential in awakening to inner peace?
  • How to do it?
  • Does awakening the potential power retrain the brain? How it helps to achieve well-being.
  • What are the obstacles on the path of Kundalini Meditation? How to remove them.
  • What is awakening in meditation? What happens to mind?
  • What is the relationship between Prana and mind? How they transform the brain?
  • How do breath practices help to achieve well-being, peace and manage common illnesses? How do they influence the brain and mind?
  • Overcome fatigue, and improve sleep
  • Applying mindfulness in daily life
  • How does the kundalini meditation help in achieving well-being and inner peace?

Details Of Program

Every Tuesday (from 2nd of April to 4th June'2019)
Arizona Time-6:00 PM
EST-9:00 PM
India-6:30 AM

Program Fee

Fee: $200 for 10 sessions & $25/session (Duration 75 Minutes)

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