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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

What we do?

What we do? How we do it? And what to expect from us.
We all are aspiring for ultimate happiness, peace, wisdom, love and truth. It is a journey we all cherish but not everyone awakens to their potentials. When we work together in trust guided by the highest principles of life, we start progressing and evolving together. We enjoy offering our services to help you realize the ultimate in your personal, professional, social and spiritual life.

Are you worthy of suffering, being sad and frustrated? No, not at all

That is what eastern wisdom guides. When we feel we are worthy of suffering, then there is some problems, challenges that hides our true nature. Once that veil is removed, we return to our true nature and give the best to ourselves, to the family, profession, society, nation and the world. Are you ready?

Coaching / mentoring: our approach

Coaching in eastern wisdom includes, guidance, mentoring, helping and support. It aims at awakening to ones’ true self transcending the limitedness, awakening to inner potential , then expressing thought, speech and action in desired areas like performance, executive, leadership, mindset , career.

It is easy for anyone to understand, an individual is first then there is leadership, performance, career, mindset, executive and other areas of coaching. If there is no individual, there cannot be any type of coaching. Eastern wisdom helps to discover true individuality then focus on specialized and desired area of coaching (leadership, career, mindset, performance, spiritual , life coaching etc.). eastern wisdom says, Coachee is the most important than what he/she wants to achieve. When a Coachee (seeker) understands, realizes as an individual he/she is free from blocks, mental and emotional challenges, he/she can achieve what he desires in personal, professional, social and family lives)

P.A.I.N. Defines All Problems of Human Life

The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old. More than 3000 masters have taught thousands of practices to millions of people. These practices help manage pain, achieve well-being and peace. It is easy to understand the problems and sufferings of life, when they are organized in a pattern. We have named this pattern as P.A.I.N.

pain management

What P.A.I.N. Stands For

P – PRESSURE - Pressure of anything from outside or inside that causes physical, mental, emotional, social changes.

A – Anxiety - Any pressure causes anxiety. When pressure increases and resources deplete, we experience discomfort and pain.

I – Intimidation - Continued pressure and anxiety intimidate us. It causes fears – fear of loss of wealth, possessions, love, relationship, job.

N – Negative attitude/ expressions - When pressure, anxiety and fears work together in life, it expresses itself in negative attitudes, expressions at home and work.

P.A.I.N. - disturbs the equilibrium in life. We experience absence of inner peace, calm, rest, happiness and wisdom. This leads to many illnesses, which we all are aware.

Evidence-Based –Relaxation And Resilience

  • Learn how you can remove fatigue, anxiety and stress – using eastern wisdom methods.
  • We personalize programs for you to help manage anxiety, stress physical pain.
  • We offer unique course on well-being aims at health, harmony and happiness.
  • We offer online, face-to-face and group sessions.
  • Thousands of people have experienced improvement in their overall health and quality of life.

Guided Practices – Authentic And Joyful

  • Himalayan masters mentored Girish Jha, MS, BS for 26 years. He has been offering services in the field of mind-body non-pharmaceutical, well-being and illness management programs for the last 35 years.
  • He has helped improve the quality of life for people suffering from psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical disorders (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain)
  • He uses more than 100 techniques that he has learned from different masters. These practices are free from cult, dogma, belief and religion.

Stress Reduction & Metabolic Health

  • More than 80 % of illnesses caused due to stress. The silent metabolic syndrome may cause hypertension, rise in blood, diabetes, heart stroke etc.
  • Science says that meditation/ mindfulness practices have been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, general mood and sleep disturbances (8 Things to Know About Meditation for Health).
  • Meditation based programs are considered safe. There are evidences that it may reduce blood pressure, common menopausal symptoms, and help people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Retrain the Brain for Well-being, Harmony & Happiness

  • Recent advances in neuro science suggests that change in mind fires the brain and rewires it. This process brings profound changes in behavior, attitude and personality.
  • Mindfulness/ meditation combined with many subtle practices can help manage pain and achieve well-being.
  • We personalize a program/ course depending on physical and mental conditions of participants.

Live in Peace And Happiness All Time

  • Researches have demonstrated that regular practice protect DNA from stress related malfunctioning.
  • Eastern wisdom methods of meditation releases negative emotions that reduce productivity, creativity and decision making skills. Regular practice develop growth-mindset and discovers inner peace and happiness.
  • Girish Jha, MS, BS helps you to find out, what blocks your progress. He selects practices that are most suitable for you.

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