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Complementary mindfulness and wellness approach to manage physical, mental challenges.

Books & Literature

These books are written to give seekers weekly and intensive programs on meditation and mindfulness. Every verse is translated in English followed by a summary. Every verse is explained in detail during regular, intensive classes based on the seeker’s commitment, temperament and experience.

Applied Eastern Wisdom

Applied Eastern Wisdom – Shanti Meditation Volume One: Manual for teachers teaching meditation and mindfulness

The first level of Shanti Meditation is easy, simple, effortless, and effective and can be practiced by anyone who is aspiring for peace, calm, happiness, and/or management of anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, or other problems. It is based on the fundamentals of authentic Tantra & Yoga tradition that originated 6000 years ago and is delivered in an oral tradition in which teachers unfold secrets of meditation by brief talk, guided practice, sharing of experiences for deeper understanding, and maximum benefits. Shanti Meditation is a meditation practice free from cult, dogma, belief, and/or religion.

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How To Succeed In Meditation

How To Succeed In Meditation: Introduction to the Tattva Bodha Volume 1 Paperback – June 12, 2020

The Tattva Bodha is a topical text dating back 700 years. To study the Tattva Bodha is to study oneself. The teachings prepare the reader to succeed in meditation.

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Journey in the life of a meditator

Journey in the life of a meditator: Steps to tread the path of meditation Paperback – May 4, 2020

The manual is compressed knowledge and practices. The principles in the book are for everyone who likes to tread the path of self-discovery leading to life and work, think and express in permanent peace, happiness, love, and wisdom. The journey of life has a specific purpose i.e. evolve and help evolve everyone to live a life beyond suffering and in the highest state of mindfulness.

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Layman’s Guide to Mindfulness

Layman’s Guide to Mindfulness: Learn from your experiences (Volume 1) 1st Edition

Science aims at the discovery of objective reality. Eastern Wisdom aims at the discovery of subjective reality. Science works in the domain of “Who I am not” i.e. matter, body, breath, brain, mind, intellect, and ego. Eastern Wisdom aims at knowing our true nature or “Who I am”. Knowledge knows no boundaries and Science and Eastern Wisdomcomplement each other. Knowledge should not be rejected. Knowledge is the power that liberates. This liberation in Eastern Wisdom is freedom from the mind.

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How To Succeed In Meditation

Eightfold path of Mindfulness: Drop the Dualities Caused by the Mind in Ignorance (Volume 1) 1st Edition

The Eightfold Path of mindfulness means eight groups of practices. There are practices for studying, contemplating, and cultivating attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and speech, then there are practices needing to be done to change the mind, to change the brain to rise above the ordinary state of consciousness. The ordinary state of mind is full of dualities i.e. likes and dislikes, sorrow and happiness, hatred and love, and so on. The mind by default perceives the world by division. It is a necessary evil. Still, we need this mind for transactional reality i.e. personal, professional, social, and family lives.

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mind book

Mind to mindfulness to awakening: Based on the teachings of Amritbindu Upanishad Kindle Edition

The book is written by a great master more than 2000 years ago. It deals with the mind, cause of suffering, tools to manage stress and suffering. This book ( Mind to mindfulness to awakening ) has less than 25 verses. When one learns, contemplates, and do simple practices, one enters into a deep meditative state that reveals inner peace and happiness. There are three main topics covered in this text. The first topics are about mind, meditation, and state of meditation of mindfulness. The second topic is what happens when awakening takes place. The third topic explains what is enlightenment.

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