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Pain Management by mindfulness

P.A.I.N. includes all personal, professional, social and spiritual problems of human life. We help improve the quality of life, minimize the impact of illness and achieve well-being in people suffering from physical, psychological, and social disorders, including anxiety, stress, PTSD, ADHD, anger, depression, sexual issues, relationship issues, transsexual challenges.

How we experience this PAIN in life ?

P – Pressure of something from outside or inside that causes physical, mental, emotional, social changes.

A – Anxiety. Any pressure causes anxiety. However, when pressure continues and resources deplete, anxiety continues and increases in life.

I – Intimidation. Continued pressure and anxiety intimidate us. It causes fears which include fear of loss of wealth, possessions, love, relationship, job and much more.

N – Negative attitude/ expressions. When pressure, anxiety and fears work together in life, it expresses itself in negative attitudes, expressions, actions in persona, and professional, social lives.

PAIN disturbs the equilibrium in life. We experience loss of inner peace, calm, rest, happiness and wisdom. This leads to many illnesses, which we all are aware.

Why this program ?

  • Learn simple, easy and customized practices aims at removing pain from the body, mind and emotions.
  • Educate and empower your mind to change pain pathways created in the brain for deeper relaxation.

How the program works ?

We customize the program after self-evaluation and focus on the removing pain from the body, mind and emotions together.

How the practice is different ?

  • The steps of practice/s are changed based on your weekly progress. This enables you to take over pain and suffering.
  • Every session is interactive, conscious journey and free from cult, dogma, belief and religion.
  • You learn to remove barriers that blocks the progress, helpers that hasten the perfection.

Who can Join ?

Anyone suffering from pain- physical, mental and emotional can join to benefit from it.

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layman's guide to mediation\mindfulness

You will learn, practice & experience

  • Enquiry to pain and suffering from the principles of eastern wisdom – four H.
  • Self and non-self – move from suffering to happiness.
  • Going within and living with help relax within few minutes.
  • Shifting the mind to right thinking about the self with four questions.
  • Learn from your experiences – invoking four stages of living
  • 4/6 Step relaxation practices to minimize the impact of pain.
  • Overcome fatigue, and improve sleep
  • How conditioned mind (ego) destroys peace and happiness? How to restore them.
  • Applying steps to reduce localized pain- neck, legs, arms, back etc. in customized practices.
  • Discover inner peace to transcend the pain and suffering.
  • Learning, contemplation for clarity about pain and suffering followed by practice help transcend and transform the pain.
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