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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Eastern Wisdom for You

Eastern Wisdom is a 6000 year old tradition supported by 3000 teachers and texts. The goal of Eastern Wisdom is to discover our true nature, to end stress, suffering, and awaken to inner peace and happiness.

Science aims at the discovery of objective reality. Eastern Wisdom aims at the discovery of subjective reality. Science works in the domain of “Who I am not” i.e. matter, body, breath, brain, mind, intellect and ego. Eastern Wisdom aims at knowing our true nature or “Who I am”. Knowledge knows no boundaries and Science and Eastern Wisdom complement each other. Knowledge should not be rejected. Knowledge is power that liberates. This liberation in Eastern Wisdom is freedom from the mind.

The master/disciple tradition of Eastern Wisdom is a rigorous discipline and aims to unfold the truth. Just like there is no single author in Science, Eastern Wisdom has no single author. Every master taught the same principles but customized the practices to their students to maximize the benefits.

Who can join?

Anyone facing challenges in personal, professional, social lives and ready to change

How we do it?

Interactive brief talk on the principles, guided practice, sharing of experiences, QA


  • Self-inspired to learn and practice the guided techniques
  • Ready to educate from your experiences.
  • Motivated to discover inner peace and happiness

What Eastern Wisdom teaches You

  • Refuse to be miserable
  • Discover peace and happiness (always within you)
  • Evolve and help everyone to evolve

Eastern wisdom helps you at every step

  • Aims at discovery of our true nature.
  • True nature – truth, wisdom, love, bliss & witness
  • Evolve Subjective reality – Experiencer and Seer

Eastern wisdom for everyone

  • Manage PAIN (Anxiety, Stress, Physical Pain, Relationships)
  • Achieve well-being and awaken to peace and happiness
  • Live & work 24X7 in Mindfulness

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