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Layman's Guide To Mindfulness program is based on 6000 years old tradition of eastern wisdom aims at relaxation, resilience and mindfulness. Every audio file consist of brief talk on how to solve problems of daily life in light of teachings of masters, followed by practice, sharing of experiences. Every practice in the series is customized to help people maximize the benefits. You will find different topics discussed, help you manage anxiety, stress, physical pain and other personal and professional challenges.

Why this program ?

  • Learn simple and easy steps to relax within few minutes.
  • Educate and empower your mind to induce relaxation anytime and anywhere within few minutes
  • Learn mindfulness from the teachings of the masters who discovered it, during 6000 years.

How the Layman's Guide To Mindfulness program works ?

The program is an experiential learning, engages participants acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom, followed by small and easy practice, sharing of experiences.

How the program is different ?

You learn from the teachings of the great masters who discovered mindfulness 6000 years ago. Every session is interactive, conscious journey and free from cult, dogma, belief and religion. You learn to remove barriers that blocks the progress, and educate the mind that hasten the perfection.

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layman's guide to mindfulness

Who can join ?

Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness, Well-being, and complementary approach to overcome addiction / dependence from drugs, alcohol, and other social abuses.

You will learn, practice & experience...

  • Brief history of mindfulness – journey from east to west
  • Learning and understanding mindfulness from the great masters.
  • How self enquiry helps manage stress and suffering?
  • How to move from wrong thinker to right thinker?
  • What are the qualifications to succeed in the discovery of inner peace and happiness?
  • Three principles that helps you succeed in relaxation and mindfulness
  • Learn from your experiences- changing perception
  • Relax by simple mindfulness in 4 step anytime
  • Six steps of deeper relaxation-mindfulness
  • Three stages of mindfulness
  • Give your brain the idle time to relax and smile
  • Simple and easy steps to mindfulness
  • The recipe for success – natural withdrawal of the mind by contemplation
  • How to change wandering mind to focused mind
  • How to practice mindfulness at work?
  • Overcome fatigue, and improve sleep
  • Applying mindfulness in daily life

Details Of Program

Every Saturday
Arizona Time-8:00 - 9:00 AM
EST-11:00 AM
India-8:30 PM
Eastern Europe-4:00 PM

Program Fee

Fee: $15/session (Duration 60 Minutes)

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