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Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for Excellence, Performance, Happiness & Evolution.

Eastern wisdom is ART

  • Knowledge of self
  • Knowledge is power
  • knowledge to awakening
  • Truth, wisdom, love, happiness
  • 6000 yrs., 3000 teachers &texts

Program fundamentals

  • Manage PAIN –lowest level of Sadhaka- sat vs asat, ignorance vs wisdom- sat and wisdom leads to true nature
  • Achieve well-being (prevent, promote, progress) – live in peace, happiness, love and wisdom.
  • ART -Discovery-awakening – evolving – realizing-transforming –
Kundalini Meditation

Learn from your experiences

  • Direct approach – four questions –who am I, universe, existence and method.
  • Three basis – world of PPPET outside, YOU and the existence
  • Life is one within- expressions by three guna is same. Principles of life- hunger of all is same. sex is same know it what why


  • Mind is a bridge between matter and self
  • World of PPPET- work on mind to live with it but do not allow it live within
  • YOU – Mind merges here -wrong to right notion and thinker to practice to experience

Perception & thinker: Right or Wrong

  • Who am Universe? existence
  • Mind- impure or pure
  • States of mind vs mind
  • Experienced and experiencer
  • Am I responsible or others?

4- Principles of wisdom

  • Pleasure – satisfaction-meaning-who am I
  • Big by body-beauty, and holding on the body- by wealth- by power and position and knowledge
  • Engagement –education- empowerment – Brahmcharya- grihastha... withdrawal to know and awakening
  • Utsah-Sastra- live teacher or silence , time

Topics – learning, practice and experience

  • Brief history of Shiva-Shakti tradition –
  • Science and eastern wisdom – study validates
  • Journey – active by Shakti, Passive by Shiva.
  • Learning from experiences – powers of perception-projection-veiling
  • Self-enquiry – right vs wrong thinker about four aspects.
  • Qualifications to succeed –Adhikari, Prayojan, Vishay & four connections – be ready and qualify 3-principles- Sravan, Manan, Niddhyasana & Samadhi
  • What is Kundalini and its awakening? Energy or force is one, Rama and Kama.
  • How mind causes Desire and Prana to exist and create stress? How to control Prana (purification, balancing, preserving) for peace and happiness?
  • How to move Sarswati (wisdom) to awaken Kundalini?
  • How to move Prana (energy) to middle channel aims calming the mind and awakening Kundalini?
  • Incorporate Kundalini practices daily life-MAEN
  • Give yourbraintheidletime to relax and smile
  • How to retrain the brain my changing the mind through change in energy and its movements?- right intention – purification, regular practice
  • Therecipeforsuccess–work on the mind (lazy, crazy, forgetfulness), release stress and discover peace.
  • Transcend lower levels – survival, desire and greed centers and prepare to tread the path to success
  • The existence is inviting us to awaken to happiness? Are you ready? Refuse to be miserable. Accept what changes and reject what not?
  • Me- world vs Existence-world, know it and discover it for creative life.
  • How to practice Kundalini at work?
  • Over come fatigue,and improve sleep
  • Anatomy of Kundalini – discovery of subjective reality

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