Work on the Mind for Inner Peace and Happiness

(Applied Mindfulness / Meditation from eastern wisdom aims at discovery of our true nature. The true nature is behind, above and deep behind what is known and experienced by the mind e.g. body, brain, breath, mind, emotions, intellect and ego. When we try to find meditation or mindfulness in what is known to the mind, we try to impose principles of science that does not know the ‘soul ‘of meditation/mindfulness. However, science can definitely help understand the changes in the ‘non-self’ i.e. body, breath, brain, mind etc. How science can ever know, when it rejects the very presence of ‘self’ as consciousness. The series explores the journey of Applied Mindfulness / Meditation based on the teachings of more than 3000 masters and their teachings in a 6000 years old tradition)

Right intention is introducing to the mind, what lies behind the mind. Mind works with duality. For example, when I say – I know you. The mind separates ‘I ‘from ‘you’. The mindfulness state is the state of being or real-self. Here the division does not work. The self knows by self.

Because mind works by default – separating knower and known, the right intention is the way to work on the mind. When we work on the mind, we ask the mind to drop its ways of working. That is why mindfulness is a non-practice. The moment we practice anything, mind starts its old ways. However, not everyone can reach to this understanding in the beginning.

Right intention helps the mind to learn and educate it.  Mind accumulates many impurities due its working by duality and division explained above. These impurities are distractions or wandering, tossing and ignorance or incomplete knowledge about the true nature.

One can take a journey of mindfulness with or without right intention. It varies from person to person. The right intention in eastern wisdom is an attribute or the state of mindfulness or being. For example,

Peace is our essential nature

I am awakening to happiness (my essential nature)

We the allow mind to start with an idea that peace and real-self are one and the same thing or state.

Many people repeat these intentions, intellectually, it may help in calming the mind for a while. But it does not lead one to the state of mindfulness. We should follow the three principles of the eastern wisdom to realize the intention in day to day life

Learning the principles and understanding it

Contemplation on the intention and mindfulness for clarity and removing confusion due to impurities of mind

Regular practice with wisdom to allow the mind to reflect the inner and higher states.

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