Yoga Meditation

Without Viveka (discernment) -the journey of yoga is not possible

According to Eastern Wisdom, there are 8.4 million species includes living and non-living. There are 0.9 m water-based, 1.1 m stationary plants and trees, 3.0 m terrestrial and 0.4 m mammals. Science confirms 1.3 m species and adds almost 15000 every year. The only human being can separate these species. The intellect does this separation. The intellect has power of observation, choice, and control. The art of separation at higher level of mind,  for treading the path of awakening is Viveka.

The Sanskrit word, ‘Viveka’ literally means, to separate. Patanjali says, ‘all suffering ends through ‘Viveka.’ It is easy to separate sugar granules from sand because they are visible through the sense organs. It is little complex to separate milk from water. However, it is much challenging to separate ignorance from wisdom, false from truth and immortality from mortality. Our great masters of Eastern Wisdom explain the process of separating false from truth in the path of Yoga, Tantra, mantra, and meditation.

The ‘human’ part is personality and is acquired, and ‘being’ part of the human being is at the center. Personality and existence are known as Swabhava and Swarupa. The personality is a mask and existence is our essential nature. Both are mixed so profoundly in daily life, that the mind causes suffering. that is why masters declare that we should move from

False to truth

Ignorance to wisdom and

Mortality to immortality

The sadhana (practice) of Viveka is done in the mind and intellect. Usually many like to sing the mantra and then forget, in a hope to bring a change in life. But the masters say that it should be recited with teacher, learn and listen from the teacher followed by contemplation and reflection. The Viveka or discernment is a process by which we separate the mixture of false and truth deep within, personality from existence to discover our true nature.

The simple and easy way to understand is to apply the principle of Eastern wisdom in defining the truth. The truth is ‘Sat’ or ‘the existence’ or our essential nature. The Sat is all-pervading, unchanging, permanent and continuous. Whatever changes, impermanent and not continuous is false.

When we follow the practice of Viveka with the teacher, we discover that body, breath, mind, intellect, thought, feeling is all changing. We find attachment -detachment with what changes in us is ignorance. The mind and intellect become pure and aspires for self that never changes.

The master’s further details that Viveka can only do when mind is pure and naturally focused. The impurities are projecting happiness and craving for objects, people, places in the world outside. Moreover, naturally focused mind is always in search of real self, beyond and behind the mind. The Viveka is one of the four-fold practices makes one a seeker on the path.