inner peace

Why we don’t live in permanent peace?

There are no problems in the world; the world itself is a problem. Swami Laxman Das Avadhootji

The modern man is full of riches in the outer space and extreme poverty in the inner space of man. Our science is remarkable, but our psychology is deplorable. There is overflow of quantitative changes in outer life, seems to have killed the inner self.  The age of anxiety and reductionism seems to have disintegrated the man. The effects of disintegration are visible in violence, anxiety, stress, reaction, agitation and anger everywhere.

If we understand the Eastern Wisdom deeply, we realize that it is an instrument of knowledge that aims at self-discovery. The self in Eastern Wisdom is SatChitAnanda (the absolute existence consciousness bliss). However, it is contrary to our belief that we are suffering much more in today’s world than before.

Eastern Wisdom that includes all yoga, tantra, yantra, mantra, meditation, kundalini, mindfulness practices. It says there is -knowledge, desire, and action that drives man to aspire high and sore high to discover the true nature which is full of permanent peace, happiness, love, and wisdom.

When Patanjali says, yoga is emptying the mind of its contents; he is declaring that when mind removes the veil of wrong notions and thinking, seeker can realize the true nature. When Upanishad (essential texts of all schools of Yoga), says that mind becomes impure because of desire and projection, it highlights the cause of suffering in the modern world.

The desire in Eastern Wisdom is seeking others and projecting happiness in them. For example, when we desire phone and project happiness, it causes impurity in mind. The nature of impurity is wrong notions and thinking is not ‘sin,’ but it is agitation in mind, that triggers agitation in the body and brain, resulting in imbalance in mind. Patanjali is referring this kind of imbalance in mind caused by desire and projection.

It means when the mind moves outside, through sense organs and picks up the objects with likes and dislikes; it triggers an action to acquire it. The desire to acquire or possess anything outside is due to the projection of happiness in mind. This search for peace and happiness outside is ignorance of mind. As long as ignorance is present in mind, it can never realize permanent happiness and peace.

That is why most famous verse is always recited in the class of yoga

Asato Ma Sat gamay

Tamaso Ma Joyotirgamay

Mritory Ma Amritamgamaya

The above verses define the movement of man in yoga.

Moving consciously (while working on the mind)

From False to truth

From ignorance to wisdom and

From freedom for the mind to freedom from the mind No doubt, asana, and other practices are essential that are very popular in these days. However, they are external limbs and preparatory steps of yoga. The Real Yoga begins from the last three limbs – Dharana (preparatory meditation), Dhyana ( meditation) and Samadhi ( the highest state of meditation).