We Neither Need Any Belief Nor Proof That We Exist, Begins the Journey

According to the eastern wisdom, mind is the middle term, between matter and consciousness. Matter and life are below and self is above the mind. Because mind evolves out of matter and life, it works on them. At the same time, mind seeks freedom, peace and happiness.  The mind struggles between changing body and the life on one hand and eternal, infinite and blissful self. The self is simply a knower and consciousness devoid of duality of the mind.

Suffering in the world created by the mind

The mind do not experience the body and the life in deep sleep, therefore we do not experience any stress and suffering. In the waking state, mind identifies with desires and people, places, possessions, events and time. This identification manifests as problems, pain and suffering.

Why this identification takes place? Because of seeking peace and happiness. The mind as seeker, seeks happiness from a person (husband or wife) but they are also seeking the same from others. How can we ever be happy?

Eastern wisdom reveals

The masters of the eastern wisdom says that as long as mind seeks happiness from others – people, possessions, places, events and time, it will never find true happiness.

Because mind forgets the self and identifies with the others for happiness. Do we know the self or our true nature? No, the journey to self-discovery is the journey to mindfulness.

Knowing the self or true nature brings an end to all sufferings

We are self-conscious being, meaning, we can make a choice. When we exercise a choice on the mind and start working on the mind, the journey to mindfulness begins.

This choice is know the mind itself, understand why it desires others for happiness and if there is anything behind and above the mind.

Discovery does not need any belief or concept

The journey of mindfulness does not need the mind to work on us. Instead, we work on the mind. Great master of eastern wisdom guides us, how to work on the mind. How to discipline and educate the mind. What happens when mind moves and lives within?

The I AM, is different and separate from the mind

When we awaken to the fact that mind is also an instrument like body and the life, we discover the ‘knower’ behind and above the mind. We now live in mindfulness. The goal is to live in the state and not practice it forever.

The emptiness is the emptiness of the mind to help it to drop being the doer

When mind is empty, it loses its objectivity. It becomes transparent mirror. In that transparent mirror, the self or true nature shines. It is like when water in the river calms down, the moon shines clearly. We know the moon is not in the water.  Similarly, we awaken to the true nature that shines in the transparent mind.

Paying attention non-judgmentally…………may work to relax but do not lead to the mindfulness

Any practice that helps the scattered mind to gather itself, it will induce relaxation and calm. It does not mean, it is the practice of mindfulness. If mindfulness or meditation is a practice, discovered by the eastern wisdom, then we should follow the principles to take the journey.