We Discover Our True Nature and Drop False Notion of Being Important

What is our place in the infinite space? Wrong vs right notion about ourselves

How small we are as compared to the room, the house, the township, state and the country. We are part of this universe. We may be 100 times smaller from the room, 5000 times smaller from the house, million times smaller from the township. Not to mention, how small we are as compared to the universe. Still we claim, how big we are ….. with people, possessions, places, events and time.

Mind claims and creates false notion of how big we are, causes suffering

We claim, we are big by money, authority, position and possessions. People don’t care and we are frustrated. We feel, we are big by possessions like home or car but objects we claim ,we own do not care us at all in moments of miseries.

A person asked a monk, ‘where is the permanent house?’

The monk said, ‘go to right for a mile and turn left, you will find the permanent home.’

The person reached the location and found a graveyard. He returned to the monk and told him that there is a graveyard there.

The monk smiled and said, ‘yes, that is permanent home of all. Once people go there, they do not return. You may change your homes but there is no way, you can change the permanent home.’

When we contemplate and realize that we are like any living being on the earth planet, the mind drops its craziness and discovers that there is no need for stress and suffering.

What is our place in the time? Wrong vs. right notion

We normally consider measurement of time e.g. 10.00 am/ pm, past, present and future as the time. But the time is that power or force or state in which our measurements of time lives. This measurement is created by the mind for convenience. What is convenient may or may not be true.

The whole idea is to drop the mind that created the world for us, make mind like a transparent mirror and leave the world outside to realize the true self within.

Now you live and work through the self: the mind does not work through desires

We live by people, places, possessions, events and time and not by what we truly are?

When we live with what appears true but not true, we always suffer from stress. Our true nature is behind the veil of mirage of appearance of space and time created by the mind.

When we take a journey of meditation/ mindfulness, we are seeking peace and happiness within. Our mind is clear that searching peace and happiness outside and in people, places and possessions other from the self is a waste of time.

It is only after clear understanding above, mind is ready to move within. Then there are no blame, and complaints. Then the mind settles within. It neither sleeps not dreams because it realizes that awareness’ is the most important.

Every master customized the mindfulness practice but followed the same principles

A student have been coming to me for learning mindfulness for the last 6 years. She is now free from pain, trauma and PTSD as she claims and enjoys day to day life of peace and happiness. We are still taking a journey together to awakening.

Learn mindfulness / meditation customized for her

(Read disclaimer at www.girishjha.org before listening and learning. It is advised not to practice without the supervision of a live teacher. The audio file is for understanding the principles of eastern wisdom)