The problem and solution are in mind – Mindfulness

All experiences happen in mind. All these experiences, we can say knowledge about anything and everything. When we say – we experience the problem, or we know the problem, it is awareness- experience- knowledge happening in the mind

When we say – I am aware or know or experience a problem, I am present or witness to a problem, but this I-ness is neither the world, not my experiences.

The world outside and experiences are continually changing. However, I or witness consciousness never changes. Body changes from childhood to adulthood to old age, but witness consciousness or ‘I am’ does not change.

How do we change without changing the world outside and experiences in mind?

There are three factors – world, mind and its experiences and I-ness or the experiencer. When we see that the world outside, mind and witness consciousness or to say the experiencer or I am different and separate from one another.

When I or ‘witness consciousness’ remain clear that it is separate from the world, and experiences of mind, we are not influenced by the experiences and the world outside.

The wisdom of knowing that ‘I-ness’ is separate from ‘the experiences’ in mind and ‘the world outside’ is the right perception. The right perception removes the wrong notion about- who am I.

Still, we experience the pain, but the pain does not touch us. Still, we know the problem, but it does not influence us.

What is the Eastern Wisdom do to solve problems of life, and end sufferings in life?

Problem is outside; mind brings it inside because the mind is working on us

It is essential to find out where the problem enters life stress, pain, pleasure, relationship, professional and social sufferings. The experience of pain and problem happen in mind. The reference point is outside. This reference point in the world is people, place, objects, events and time where the mind moves for securing peace and happiness. When we project happiness outside in things, if we get what we want, we experience pleasure. If we do not get what we want, we experience pain. Pleasure seems profit, but short-lived and pain seems a loss, but short-lived. When we dissociate from the mind, we experience the problem is outside not inside. The solution is – working on the mind.

Remain a witness consciousness in peace and happiness demands dispassion

Eastern wisdom is more than 6000 years old tradition. All 3000 teachers, texts and texts point to one truth- we are neither the body nor the world outside, but separate, independent and free from both. Based on this fact, masters discovered thousands of practices of mindfulness/ meditations.

What happens when we practice meditation/mindfulness?

All meditation or mindfulness aims at negating – what we are NOT while asserting – what we indeed are. The first step is listening to the principles; the second step is contemplation by asking and challenging the wrong notions of the mind that leads to a conviction in mind. Then comes reflection which removes all doubts about the fact that the world outside, experiences in mind is NOT, what we think we are.  The third step is what we say in meditation/ mindfulness practice.

We practice mindfulness/meditation for peace, happiness, physiological and psychological changes are by-products. The goal is self-discovery. Discovery of the real self is to live and work in witness consciousness not pleasures of the mind.

Problems not solved but dissolves by mindfulness

What happens to problems and suffering in mindfulness? It is not solved but dissolved. Why it dissolves because, in witness consciousness, there is no problem, in the world, there is no problem. The problem manifests in the mind when the world outside meets witness consciousness. It creates identification due to ignorance. And ignorance is the cause of suffering, according to the masters of Eastern Wisdom.