The body, breath, and specialized practices can change the mind

The body, breath, and specialized practices can change the mind

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The mind has four functional aspects. According to eastern wisdom, the mind is an inner instrument. It has four functions – thinking mind, intellect, and ego and mind stuff. The eastern wisdom includes yoga, meditation, mindfulness; Tantra taught by 3000 masters. There are 3000 texts.

The mind makes us unhappy or happy

Our true nature is full of peace, happiness, love, kindness, wisdom, and bliss. When mind rules our life, it seeks pleasure and escapes the pain. The mind struggles forever in tossing pain and pleasure. The mind lives in desire, craving for pleasure, and possessions. It makes us forget our true nature. In this distracted state of mind, we forget ourselves.   We feel miserable because we don’t know -who we are. The mind becomes the cause of suffering. When we start working on the mind by specialized practices from the Eastern Wisdom, The mind changes. The change in the mind means, it starts moving within, living within and aims at the discovery of our true nature. The journey to meditation starts.

Why mind makes us miserable?

It is like asking, why our car makes us miserable. Because we think, we are the car. But how can a car dictate you? The same way we claim we are the mind. The mind is an instrument like our car, and we have made it our master. The mind is working on us, and we forget that it is an instrument like our car. What to do?

Start working on the mind – stop the mind that works on us

When mind works on us, it is always running. Then we are lazy, crazy, and angry, anxious, reactive and blaming. Can we become angry tomorrow at 10.00 am? No, we can’t, because we will become aware at 10.00 am tomorrow. So the first principle is to raise awareness. The practice of conscious relaxation, contemplation, and reflection on our true nature, induces relaxation and inner calm.

Change the status of mind by retraining the brain – discover peace and happiness

 There are many ways to change the status of mind. One way that has attracted the attention of the seekers is the method of awakening to the inner force of consciousness. When the force of consciousness is preserved by discipline and education of mind through Pranayama, Asana, Mudra, Mantra, and Yantra, awakening takes place. The awakening of power within redirects the mind to identify with the higher states of consciousness.

Active meditation retrains the brain, release stress and discovers peace

There are many meditation (or mindfulness) practices taught to us by great masters. Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old; it has more than 3000 masters and texts.   In reality, meditation (or mindfulness) is one but steps of the practices are different. Because masters personalized these practices to suit individual needs and temperament. From where to start the journey?