Stop the mind working on you, start working on the mind

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Nature helps us to grow horizontally and vertically. It works to breathe, beat the heart, digest the food, and excrete waste 24X7. Nature at the time of birth created the mind for survival. A human being has a choice – either allow the mind to work on us or we work on the mind. When we work on the mind, we reset the direction and goal. Nature evolves unconsciously and slowly with hit and trial method, causes stress and suffering. When we choose to evolve consciously, we hasten the process and reduce stress and suffering. The process of working on the mind is yoga, tantra, kundalini, mantra, meditation, and mindfulness.

Why work on the mind through discipline and education

Working on the mind means discipline and education of the mind. All experiences -pleasure, pain, profit, loss, victory, defeat, happen in the mind of the world outside. According to the teachings of great masters of Eastern Wisdom, there are three bases of Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini, etc.- The world outside, experiences in mind and our real-self(who am I). When we work on the mind, we separate the world outside that is of nature of pairs of opposites like pain and pleasure. We also separate from the mind and all its experiences. We reflect clearly – who we truly are? The masters declare that we are of the nature of inner peace, happiness, love, wisdom, and bliss.

If a car becomes our master, we are bound to face the consequences. Similarly, the mind has become the master, hiding our real-self, causes suffering, pain, problems in daily life.

Retrain the brain by Kundalini Yoga / Meditation

The purpose of Kundalini Yoga/Meditation is twofold. First is to purify, discipline and educate the mind so that it drops and dissolves wrong notions, thinking and brings clarity about the goal of life, i.e., to evolve and help everyone to evolve. Second is awakening to our true nature so that we start living personal, professional, social lives in peace, happiness, love, wisdom, bliss, and creativity.

Majority of people enter the path for gaining power, popularity, unusual experiences. Others claim they are awakened still suffering. Because we are not clear, we don’t follow the well-tested principles of Eastern Wisdom because we are still asking the mind to control us.

Kundalini Yoga aims at unfolding our inherent potential that reshapes our life, personality, attitude, etc. It drops cravings, craziness, ego, mental distractions, and pain.

Harmony -balancing the working relationships of the body, breath, and the mind

There is a body, breath, and the mind that we all can perceive and understand. In mindfulness practice, the mind leads to the state of passivity. In Kundalini meditation, prana or energy (manifestation of Kundalini) takes the lead. According to Tantra yoga, if we control the mind, Prana (along with the body) is disciplined and educated. And if we control the Prana (along with the body), the mind is disciplined and educated. Kundalini meditation includes Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Chakra focus, etc. to purify the mind, release stress and wrong notions, so that it can be redirected to awaken the dynamic force, known as Kundalini.

We are all aware; when the body takes over the mind by habit, it conditions the mind heavily. The energy lies in between the body and the mind. This energy, otherwise pure, blindly follows the habits of the mind, causes suffering. By regular practice, we achieve well-being because it leads to balancing the working relationships of body, breath, and the mind.

Release the energy and take over the mind

The lowest physical center controls our physical being and sexual drives. The energy is in between the body and the mind. It has three centers. The lowest center governs greed, small desires, and passions. The second center governs desire – seeking others and projecting happiness in the world outside. The third center governs greed, followed by craving, and abuse of the body, and the mind. It means energy is clogged, wasted and used by our lower emotions, habits, and reactions. When we release the energy being used by the mind unconsciously and habitually, mind and the energy both start moving upward, expresses in an inner calm, relaxation, and peace. Then we discover that we are working on the mind. The working on the mind drops fears, doubts, confusions, reactions, resistance and many physical and mental conditions detrimental to our well-being.