Rise in love with the Kundalini

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What is the meaning of Kundalini?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word, has multiple meanings. One of them is ‘kunda’ meaning a ‘pit’ like structure. You dig the ground; you have a ‘kunda’ or hole. Your skull is also like a ‘kunda’ in which there are many coiled nerves, represent dormant or potential power. When dormant power is awakened, nerves are activated and manifests the wisdom of ‘Einstein’ or ‘Buddha’ of ‘Krishna’ or ‘Jesus.’ The experience of movement of energy is like a moving snake that was sleeping coiled.   

Many masters guide practices that are passive, devoid of any breathing, postures, mudras, concentration, the imagination of chakra,etc. Other masters never talked about Kundalini, but they are awakened and enlightened.

Kundalini is all about awakening to higher states of consciousness beyond mind. Kundalini Shakti refers to higher states of consciousness beyond the mind that removes ignorance and brings an end to all sufferings. The higher consciousness drops the limitations of the mind and takes over the mind and brings and to all sufferings.

The brain is evolving all the time. It has tremendous potential. The dormant areas are awakened by default or by conscious choice to evolve it faster. Kundalini Meditation is one of them.

The origin

Kundalini is an integral part of Tantra Tradition. Tantra originated in India and was parallel tradition to Vedic Tradition. The word ‘Tantra’ could be found in the oldest text – Rig-Veda. Rig Veda is Vedic or Nigama text while Tantra is Agama. Tantra is neither a religion nor a cult but science that helps one to know, awaken and move into higher states of consciousness free from cult, dogma, belief, -ism and religion. Tantra is the word used for science, highly organized that includes all Yoga, Mantra, Yantra practices, rituals, and practices like Mudra, Pranayama. One of the practices is termed as Kundalini Tantra.

Tantra declares that one can practice, follow the path irrespective of age, race, caste, creed, religion, dogma, belief,etc. Kundalini yoga / Tantra demands regular, uninterrupted practice for longer period aimed transformation.

One practice customized by masters differently

The masters and texts confirm that practices were designed and customized based on the temperament of an individual or group. Hence, practices vary from one master to the others. The Kundalini Tantra was a vibrant tradition in the past and is still vibrant amongst rare masters in India. Hence customization, modifications in practices help individual and the group to progress and evolve rightfully without any danger. It is because of customization, masters warned not to practice alone but practice under the supervision of a master. However, what practices you do should confirm to fundamentals of Tantra tradition and is done consciously. Hence, dangers on the path are removed completely. The only condition is that one should practice with master until one move within consciously, begin conscious experiences of changes and mind becomes free from all fears, hallucinations and learning how to acclimatize with higher states of consciousness and its manifestations.

The rise in love with the Kundalini

Knowledge is passive and awakened state – The Kundalini is a force applied to realize the knowledge. Knowledge is masculine,andforce is feminine.

 How much you love – your parents, children, spouse, car, home, clothes, smartphone,etc. they are all changing at every moment. The very change is done by some unknown force, inherent in it. That is why the universe is constantly changing at every moment. This change is the ‘reality of the universe’ and what is beyond the universe is the absolute reality. This absolute reality is symbolically considered as a male principle,and its extension is a forceis termed as a female principle. The female principle is dynamic consciousness-force. It is beautiful as it is present within everything that is ‘seen’ but not the ‘seer.’ It means it is in the body but not the body, in mind but not the mind. In love you claim, but not the love; in the breath but not the breath.  If you start separating the petals of a beautiful rose flower, you will not be able to discover the beauty of the rose. In the same way, you cannot discover the beauty of Kundalini by separating or opening the body, mind or intellect or thought. It is important to remember it is within the thought but the thought.

When we rise in love with this Shakti (force), the Kundalini changes the entire life, end suffering and awakens to inner peace and happiness.