Oh! My Mind Naturally Drops All Distractions. Is It The State of Mindfulness?

My master says, ‘if mind causes the ignorance, then we have to change the mind so that it becomes the cause of knowledge.’ When mind becomes the cause of knowledge (of real-self) , it dissolves in the self. This is no-mind or mindfulness state.

There is no other way. The wrong perception about one self, others and universe causes the stress and suffering. The right perception or knowledge about them, reveals the true nature. It is subjective and not objective.

Science always looks for objective reality i.e. physiological and psychological response to peace and happiness. The eastern wisdom always inspires to discover – who is the knower deep within all of us. According to eastern wisdom, there is only one reality present within all of us. It is self or pure consciousness.

This real-self or our true nature is the same and one in all beings. It is like electricity that is behind all tools and gadgets like smart phone, TV, fan, heater. We can never know the true nature of electricity through a bulb that lightens the room or through fan that gives air. This is what science is doing – physiology changes so mindfulness is good. It is like saying bulb gives light, hence electricity is there. What about if bulb is fused that does not give light, electricity is still there.

It means we have to work on the mind – dynamic, impure and crazy instrument. The mind should be pure, aware and attentive to allow the self to revel itself in the mindfulness. The masters explain principles based on the temperament of a person. There are few principles common to all

Recognize that the mind is an instrument and not the master.

Understand the mind has four functional aspects – thinking mind, intellect, and ego and mind stuff. When we use í’, ‘me’, it is a function of the mind. It is not real-self until we discover it by mindfulness.

Discipline the mind naturally – contemplate what is good and what one likes. Choose what is good instead of what mind likes.

Educate the mind about the higher states. For example – contemplation on peace free from opposites.

The above principles should be learned directly by the master. The live teaching takes care of mind in action. The reading from the books takes care of mind stuff – our wrong perception and the past impressions.

The master – what is the light for you when you see the world.

The student – the sun during the day and lamp etc. at night.

The master- tell me what is your light for seeing the sun and the lamp.

The student – the eyes

The master – when eyes are closed, what is the light?

The student –the intellect.

The master –what is the light of knowing intellect?

The student- I myself.

Oh! When mind looks at myself, all distractions dropped. It is the mindfulness state.

The master looked at the student, smiled but did not say anything