Mind to Mindfulness

Mind to Mindfulness to Inner Peace – science vs Eastern Wisdom

The tradition of meditation was present much before Buddha was born

Not many people know that Eastern Wisdom which is more 6000 years old Indian tradition has roots of mindfulness, meditations, and other related practices. It is important to mention for western readers that meditation/mindfulness was discovered when there was no religion, cult or dogma. The Western people have labeled it originating mainly from Buddhism, but meditation/mindfulness was practiced 4000 years before Buddha was born.

Many people found immense benefits of the practice of mindfulness/meditation. Some people claim the repetition of mantra induces relaxation and peace. Others declare that 5 minutes of breath mindfulness practices helped reduce anxiety and lowered blood pressure. Still, others found the practice meets the purpose of life.

How can science define mindfulness / meditations?

Science cannot define love, honesty, wisdom and the state of being. It is a hard problem of consciousness. They cannot define consciousness. Science aims at unfolding the objective reality. The scientific approach is the objectified approach. The mindfulness is a journey to subjective reality. It is knowing -who am I and not who am I not, i.e.,the world of people, place, objects, and experiences.

Mindfulness is a discovery of Who Am I? our essential nature

The famous debate between two great masters took place on mindfulness. A scholar debated that emptiness or nothingness leads to mindfulness. There is not ‘I’ or real self. The other master was enlightened. He heard the argument as the majority of people in the modern world does. He said to the scholar, ‘yesmaster; you are nothingness, there is no ‘I’ in you, to whom I debate. Hence, I won the debate.’