Mind to Mindfulness to Inner peace-play of Seer and Seen

The mindfulness or meditation are named differently by different masters as Sakshi, Vipassana, Preksha, etc. All three words mean – witness, seeing, observing and state of meditation/mindfulness.

The ‘human-being’ has two words namely ‘human’ and ‘being.’The state of ‘being’ is behind the ego, intellect, mind, and the body. The ‘human’is the body, mind, intellect, and ego.  When we discover the state, we are in meditation or mindfulness state. The state of being is the Seer or pure awareness that is present behind the mind. As long as mind veils it, we cannot realize the Seer.

The mindfulness state means the real-self perceives the real-self. It is direct perception free from mind and mental contents.

When one wakes up after a sound sleep, one wakes up in the same world but when one awakens in mindfulness, one wakes up to the world beyond the mind is the essence of meditation/mindfulness. Waking state does not know the Sleeping state. It is the Seer (the being) who knows; we had a refreshing and deep sleep. This Seer is independent and free from waking, sleeping and dreaming states. The discovery of this Seer is meditation/ mindfulness.

The life of human being is a play of Seer and Seen. When a person plays free from attachment, wrong notions, the obsession of the mind, he lives and walks in mindfulness state.