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Knowledge of the Self, Not the Austerity Is the Way to Awakening to Peace

The mindfulness is the knowledge of the self. The self is the real-self or I AM. Like lamp lightens itself, the self lightens or knows by itself. It does not need mind. We cannot say, ‘I know the self. Because self and I, are not different, but one and the same. This happens when there is right perception. The right perception is different from sense and mental perception.

Do we need proof of our existence?

“I AM” is always there. It is present when mind is present with all its thoughts or absent. It is the absence of mind or no-mind that the state of mindfulness is realized. It is important to understand that science demands proof in the material world. The mindfulness does not need proof as we know we exist.

Confusion must replace clear understanding before one takes the journey of mindfulness

There is one tradition that focus on austerity i.e. gaining supernatural powers, using the powers to cure illnesses and acquire wealth. There is other tradition that focus on knowing the true nature. The first tradition focus on gaining powers, healing and the second is awakening. In the first, people do not undergo transformation but in the second transformation of mind takes place.

Why mindfulness is effortless?

The mindfulness or meditation is the path of knowing our true nature that aims at fulfillment in life. The path of austerity aims at fulfillment of desires. No one has ever fulfilled the desires.  It is the cause of suffering. The desire is seeking other than one’s real-self. It should not be understood as living a life of monk in the Himalayas.

 The journey to dissolve the wrong notion about who we truly are

The journey to mindfulness / meditation is purely the path of knowledge of our true nature. The cult, dogma, belief, religion has no place in this journey. However, anyone can tread the path.

We exist – a naked fact, does not need any proof. As one treads the path, one finds that austerity and efforts are not required. Also, one does not need belief or religion to discover one’s true nature.

Are your ready and do you qualify for the journey

When we reflect upon our life and learn from experiences that we are not the body, breath, and mind. It seems we are different from them but we do not know, who truly are. The entire world of people, place, possessions, events and items are “other’ from the self. That is the reason, master declare that desire should be dropped, because it will take one away from oneself.

Learning the principles of eastern wisdom that unfolds the knowledge of real-self, contemplation to remove the doubts and brings clarity to the mind. The mind naturally drops its wandering nature. Later, regular practice awakens one to the state of mindfulness.