Layman’s Guide to mindfulness program

How we conduct the Layman’s Guide to mindfulness program/course

Talk on the principles of eastern wisdom

The manuals of eastern wisdom and science are different, but they both aim at the discovery of the truth. The eastern wisdom aims at the discovery of our true nature, and science aims at the true nature of the material world.

The interactive talk helps you understand the cause of stress and suffering as it integrates principles of science and the eastern wisdom.

Five stages of transformation

There are more than 3000 teachers of the eastern wisdom, who followed the same principles to bring an end to suffering.

You will learn and educate about the workings of brain, mind, and consciousness.   Learning continues until awakening takes place.

A brief explanation of steps and how to practice:

We explain all the steps before the guided practice. The practice helps the mind, grasp the basic concept and philosophy, and apply during the guided practice for the best results.

Not a single size fits all – we customize and change the practice in every session:

We will personalize the practice, based on the subjective experiences of the group. The program is the most important part of training one’s mind in mindfulness.

Sharing of experiences, questions, and answers:

It is equally important for students treading the path to share their experiences. The program will help in removing many myths and misconceptions.  The simple tips to remove obstacles on the path speed up the progress.

Home practice:

We will explain in steps, how to do practice at home.  The private students will receive an audio file of the practice.