Transform Your Body With Mindfulness

The mindfulness transforms the seeker from inside to outside. When a seeker absorbs himself in the state of mindfulness, permanent peace, happiness, love, and wisdom and transforms ego, mind and body, behavior, attitude, and thinking. That is what happened after many years of practice to Buddha, Vivekananda, Shankara, and many other great masters.

It is essential to be clear that mindfulness means right meditation. Meditation or mindfulness is essentially one but has different approaches and steps because of the different temperament of people. Eastern Wisdom declares that self or pure consciousness is beyond and behind the mind. The Self is infinity, knowledge, truth and permanent state of happiness. There is no change possible in Real-self. The mindfulness transforms the mind. The three stages of transformation explained by Patanjali are Samadhi Parinama, Ekagrata Parinama, and Nirrudha Parinama.

All experiences happen in mind. When the mind is in ignorance (incomplete knowledge about the reals-elf, the world, and the existence), it is influenced by objects, attachment, desire, confusion, loss of memory, delusion. Then the mind experiences anxiety, fears, duality, hatred, anger, agitation, and suffering. The mindfulness or meditation transforms the mind and awakens to the reality, that awakens one to permanent peace, happiness, love, and wisdom.

When the mind does not distort the true nature beyond and behind the mind, there is the direct perception of the self by the self, and it is Samadhi transformation. When all the distractions disappear, (known as impurity), mind becomes transparent, and it is samadhi transformation.

When the mind returns again and again to the self, instead of changing the object, it is Ekagrata transformation. In this transformation, the mind lives in wisdom and knows clearly that any object – people, person, place, objects and time (past, present, and future) cannot lead to the permanent state of happiness.

When the mind no longer moves for any objects or thoughts or feelings, and they are perceived as if waves appear and disappear on its own (caused by ignorance) and do not influence the state, it is Nirrudha transformation. The mind lives in a higher state of awareness not influenced by distractions that alternate still realizes the complete silence and emptiness deep within.

The great masters spent weeks, months, and years to bring about three transformations before awakening took place. It is a journey to unknown, infinity, everlasting happiness, truth, and wisdom. Easter Wisdom shows the path to principles and practices from the books of knowledge written by realized masters. It is essential to undertake the journey with teacher who is well-versed in these texts and has transformed their mind.