Eastern Wisdom ends suffering, awakens to our true nature

What is your vision of life?

Your vision of life matters more than what your mind habitually thinks, speaks and works. Eastern Wisdom is 6000 years old, supported by 3000 teachers and texts and hundreds of practices.

The mind has created millions of wrong notions about the life, which causes miseries and sufferings.

The masters of Eastern Wisdom refined the expression and the language of principles, practices over thousands of years. It is much more than the language of science. Because Eastern Wisdom aims at the discovery of- Who we truly are? Our true nature – our inner peace, happiness, love, wisdom and pure state of consciousness.

Eastern Wisdom focuses on the language, expression, principles; practices pertain to self-discovery. Once our mind drops the wrong notion and starts working with the right notion, our life begins manifesting inner peace, happiness, love, wisdom, and truth. The mind clears the vision of life aims at peace, prosperity, and success. It changes the dynamics of personal, professional and social lives.

The journey begins but never ends – regular practice with wisdom, ongoing recovery, self-management

Relapse, recovery, remission, and risks do not happen in addiction but also in our daily life. We understand, change and become angry or anxious again. Therefore, the Eastern Wisdom declares that the journey begins but never ends, because we are constantly evolving nearing perfection, progress from lower to higher states.

The great masters offer customized and personalized practices every time, the mind expresses its wrong notion, anxiety, anger, problems, and sufferings.

This our complimentary wellness approach to

  • Managing problems and sufferings ( physical, relationship, mental challenges)
  • Achieving a higher state of well-being ( in personal, social, professional, family lives) and
  • Awaken to inner peace, happiness, love, and

Each one is different. Therefore, it is difficult to point out, how many lessons are required. But it is certain of one follows the principles and practices as prescribed, one starts experiencing the change from the first lesson.

Why Eastern Wisdom helps everyone, in every condition and at any age?

The Eastern Wisdom aims at self-discovery, i.e., our true nature. Our true nature never changes and remains present at the center. The circumference of life consists of body, life force or energy, mind, intellect, ego, waking, dreaming, sleep states, and our experiences of the world outside.

There are thousands of practices that can be customized and personalized to fit the needs of an individual, his/her mental, physical and emotional states.

Our true nature hides behind the mind, because of the mind is full of fear, doubt, wandering. Our minds are different and react or respond differently; we apply the same principles differently to remove the wrong notion and give personalized practices.

We have offered our personalized and customized practices to people from the age of 7 to 75. It worked and will work for everyone.

Don’t give up if you encounter a recurrence of your challenges, but challenge your mind to change
It is easy to give up if the problems return, and it is also easy to challenge the problem through the personalized practices based on the principles of Eastern Wisdom.

The mind experiences all the challenges and problems. When experiences changes, it changes the brain. The change in brain changes our attitudes and behaviors. The attitude changes our personality and change in personality change our day to day life.

We do not know when the above may happen in your life. It may happen in a week, in a month or may take long, depends on your willingness, commitment, regular practice and many other factors like your clinging, cravings, and past impressions stored in the memory.

One thing is sure, as many masters evolved and enlightened, this may happen to you also. Buddha changed 27 masters, hundreds of practices under the guidance of his masters.

To live in the world but do not allow the world to live within – sure way to work on your life

The problems and challenges of life, i.e., personal, physical, mental, relationships, professionally based on three factors :

  • The world outside – people, place of work or home, possessions or objects we own, events in life and time.
  • The experiences mind expresses with the world outside and
  • The experiencer ( you as your true nature or false nature)

The interaction with the world outside and experiences in mind causes problems and challenges only when mind lives in incomplete knowledge and understanding of many factors :

  • Who truly we are?
  • What is the world? What is the true nature of the world?
  • What is the existence? And why existence creates problems and challenges in our lives?
  • How to interact with the world outside to prevent mind creating problems and educate the mind to live in the state of inner peace, happiness, love, and

When mind changes its habits, conditionings, cravings, and clinging and replaces it with inner peace, happiness, love, and wisdom, we discover our true nature. We bring an end to sufferings of life. We understand that there is no need to invite the world within the mind. The purified and evolved mind helps us to live in the world and dynamically prevents the world to live within. A new life begins, and a journey of life brings the best, the highest and the greatest.

Many paths to discovery – choose with existence, texts, teacher, and self

No doubt there are many paths to the discovery of our true nature or recovery from our problems and challenges, but we tend to forget the four factors

  • The existence
  • The knowledge
  • The teacher and
  • The self or our true nature

Many great masters have told us about four types of graces.

When we suffer, experience challenges in life, the mind starts finding solutions. It is the existence alone that shows us the right path to discovery. No one knows when, how, where, when and in what way.

Buddha saw a crooked old man, a dead body and inspired to find the truth of life. Other people find challenges in personal, or professional lives, and start searching within themselves. Still, others, are rich and have enough time to discover the truth within.

Many others struggle in have-nots and work hard to achieves riches in life but forget the ultimate goal of life. They forget in their lives that possessions, positions, relationships, sex, wealth alone cannot buy or secure peace and happiness in life.

The finer detail in mind clarifies the mind to tread the path –

Married or single are of the world – they cannot secure peace and happiness.

Rich or poor are of the world – they cannot secure peace and happiness.

Education or illiteracy – they cannot secure peace and happiness.

Any condition of the world is the path to inner peace and happiness.

As long as the mind is seeking other than true nature, everlasting peace and happiness are not possible in life.

First step – grace by the existence. It happens when the mind is ready to discover the self.

The second step- when there is grace by the existence, the mind starts gathering, acquiring the knowledge from the texts of great masters. But the great masters use technical terms that are beyond the comprehension of conditioned, habitual mind. Hence, a teacher is needed to understand.

The third step- when the grace by the existence happens in life, students on the path starts reading the texts. When a teacher enters the life; He helps the true meanings hidden in the teachings of the masters. He gives personalized and customized practices. He soon discovers his path through his own experiences.

Fourth step- only where there is grace by the existence, by the knowledge of self from texts and teachings of the masters, self-grace begins.

The self-grace begins and never ends in life.  The Self-grace makes on a great seeker of truth. The seeker lives in steady wisdom. The seeker experiences the joy, happiness, and peace within not affected by any outer conditions of life.

Every path is good, but only a seeker with self-grace can find which path is the best. While evolving, the seeker has to continue learning with teacher and texts until he discovers inner peace and happiness, joy and freedom cannot be reversed.

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