Awaken To Real-Self

Awaken To Real-Self, Mind and Pseudo-Self – You Will Be In Peace and Happiness

How do you know that you are different and separate from me? It is the mind that divides the entire knowledge experience – field of knowledge, the object and you.

When you say – I know you. It means the “I “is different from “YOU” and knowledge.

The state of mindfulness is realized when “I” replaces the workings of the mind. What happens then, self knows by the self. It is like tube light does not need any other means to know its light. It illumines itself. The very self is knows by the self, that is why all meditation and mindfulness are known as state of no-mind,

How do we know that we are separate and different from the image that appears in the mirror? When we move away from the mirror, the image disappears. This image is the pseudo-self, mind creates. Great masters say this image is what we live with. We don’t say but we use it:

The mind creates this pseudo-self because it lives in ignorance.

The mindfulness is purely a journey within and aims at subjective reality.

Science discovers outside. What is outside is different and separate from us and what is within at the center is the real-self.

The great masters guide us that it is important to recognize the self, pseudo-self and the mind.

A student and master : know thyself

A young aspirant travelled 1000 miles to meet the master to learn mindfulness. He read in the text – to know thyself is what mindfulness is.

The master was sitting inside the cottage in the Himalayas. He prostrated before the master.

Student – I have come to you to learn mindfulness. I have read in the text, ‘knowing oneself leads to awakening.’

Master – yes, my son, you are right.

Student – sir, guide me.

Master – come with me. The master took him under a tree and asked to help him search the needle he lost.

Both started searching the needle but they did not find it. The student forgot to ask where the needle was lost.

Student – master, where you have lost the needle.

Master – I lost inside the cottage.

Student became upset- then why are we searching it under a tree.

Master with smile- why you have come to find  – who you are. You are within yourself. You have travelled 1000 miles to find out – who you are. I travelled only few feet to find the needle.

Whatever we will find outside, will always be pseudo-self. Be your own teacher and discipline and educate mind to search inside.

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