Knowing What ‘I Am’ and What ‘I Am Not’ Is Mindfulness, According to the Eastern Wisdom

Eastern wisdom declares that our true nature hides behind the wandering mind. The journey to mindfulness / meditation is a discovery of this real-self. It is subjective reality that escapes the understanding of science that works in the objective reality. It is effortless and natural, because we don’t create anything but awaken to what is already deep within all of us.

Science works in the field of objective reality i.e. material world. The eastern wisdom uses the word Ïdam” meaning ‘others’ from ‘true nature’ or ‘I AM’.  When scattered mind moves within and lives within, it awakens and naturally separate  ‘I AM’ from ‘others’.

Without understanding the principle of eastern wisdom, no mindfulness practice is possible. Any practice that engages the mind by ‘paying attention’ or ‘focus’ on any object may help one to relax. But it cannot be called the mindfulness or meditation practice.

The center of our existence is the same in all human-beings. This center is the real-self. It is like electricity is one behind all bulbs, fan, and gadgets. It is like ‘one consciousness’ behind all bodies, minds, breaths and ego’s. This is called Áham’ meaning ‘ I AM’.

Because mind identifies with the ‘others’ or ‘Idam’ or the body, breath, mind as ‘I AM’, it becomes the cause of stress and suffering. The same mind drops the identifications, becomes the cause of wisdom or knowing one’s true nature i.e. the state of mindfulness.

Are you ready?

Learn the principles, contemplate for clarity and removing the confusions in the mind, otherwise, mind will go back to the same old habits. Then practice regularly for conscious experience.

O! Mind, be at peace, this will also pass

QA session

QA session

Master – do you know your body in deep sleep?

Student – no sir, I am not aware of the body in deep sleep.

Master – do you know your mind in deep sleep?

Student – no sir,

Master- in deep sleep, when you do not know your body and mind, you drop identification of body and mind as “ I AM”. You become free from the false notion.

You drop the false notion of “ I am the body and/or I am the mind”, what is left is ‘real-self’ or ‘true nature’  or the state of mindfulness.