Mind to Mindfulness to Inner Peace

According to great masters, the journey of mindfulness consists of four steps — the first step to know the basic principles of Eastern Wisdom by listening to a teacher.  The second step is contemplation and reflection to remove the doubts and bring clarity in mind. The third step is a regular practice to change the mind through experience. The fourth step is allowing the changes inside to manifest outside in thought, speech, and action.

The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old became a tradition with 3000 teachers and texts. Every master followed the same principles but customized the practices that suit their students. It is important to follow the tradition of master-disciple (who is committed to change) to succeed.

The regular practice of mindfulness discovers the true nature, i.e., inner #peace, #happiness, #compassion, and #wisdom. 

We follow the eastern wisdom to help people

  • Manage their pain (stress, anxiety, professional, physical and personal challenges)
  • Achieve #well-being and
  • Discover inner peace and happiness

The program/courseis free from religion, cult, and belief. Anyone can join the program with members of the family. Every session opens with a brief talk on the applied principles of eastern wisdom that helps find answers to burning questions and problems of anxiety, stress, and suffering at home and workplace.

The unique approach of the program consists of brief talk, training through guided practice, tips for home practice. The practice helps improve well-being, manage anxiety, sleep and removes mental blocks causing stress.