Overcoming Addiction

A new and unique approach to drug de-addiction, relapse prevention and restoring well-being. We offer a powerful program with practices that changes the mind. The change in mind creates a change in brain that affects behavior. Science says that drug abuse alters the anatomy and chemistry of brain, manifesting in recognized cognitive, behavioral and physiological characteristics. These changes continue for years even after one has stopped abusing the drug. Any drug addict is at a high risk of relapse. However, we encourage people with drug abuse to change their mental state by small, easy practices that may help change the brain and reduce the risk of relapse.

Research studies show that a minimum of three months is needed to help reduce or stop drug abuse, but it does not apply to everyone. The duration depends on the individual, his/her response, commitment, severity, and many other social factors. Stopping the use of drugs, managing symptoms, the recovery process, prevention of relapse, discovery of inner peace and happiness takes time.

Why this program ?

Because it is drug free, aims at freedom from habits and conditionings, safe, simple and effective.

How the program works ?

When we discover the subjective reality, we awaken to our true state of being which is free from habit and conditioning of our mind. We start from conscious relaxation and continue until you discover inner peace and happiness that naturally drops any outer agents for pleasure.

Here you are for change and success

  • We know and explore your potential to change and change lives
  • Learn which attributes are most critical and powerful to create deterrence to drugs. We will design and deliver the practices based on your positive attributes.

Who should join and attend ?

Any one who desires freedom from drugs, negative habits and has recurrent relapse. Anyone using drugs to manage pain and suffering can attend or join.

How self enquiry helps manage stress and suffering ?

Relax by simple mindfulness in 4-step anytime

Program Benefits

  • Discover drug-use and drug – abuse in YOU
  • Learn natural ways and means
  • Replace anxiety, anger, panics with conscious rest, relaxation and inner calm
  • Change the pleasure principle of mind to happiness within
  • Increase personal power, build self-confidence to free from drugs
  • Change the brain by changing the mind by select personalized practices

How self enquiry helps manage stress and suffering ?