Kundalini Awakening

Module -1.6 The existence is inviting us at all the time for awakening

Note: The series of articles is part of the program – Retrain the brain. Module-1 includes talk, training, technique, tips, guided practices digital delivery of audio files to practice at home, sharing of experiences for progress, removing barriers and much more. For detail information about the program, write to info@girishjha.org 

Retrain the brain- release stress & discover Inner peace.

Module-1 Discipline, educate and empower the mind

As you uninstall the old software, reinstall upgrade and latest software for the smooth functioning of PC, the program evolves the mind and the brain that awakens to inner peace and happiness. The program includes an understanding of Kundalini, Nada, Mantra, Mudra, Yoga-Nidra, Pranayama, Chakra, Vayu, Granthi, Yantra, Tray Sarira, five Koshas, Shiva-Shakti as taught by great masters of Eastern Wisdom.  The Module -1 has 10 sessions for 10 hours

The essence of teaching, practices and personalized sessions for individual and groups is based on revelations of great masters Dattatreya, Kapila, and Complete books of Upanishads, Gita and Sutra. The integral teaching from Eastern Wisdom drops all the obstacles one after one and opens the gateway to freedom, peace, happiness, love, wisdom to live life with our true nature.

The module -1 gives you knowledge, practices, power, and experience to start working on the mind that changes the brain. The brain changes your attitudes that bring about change in personality and life. When mind works on us, it makes us lazy, crazy, reactive, stressed, negative and suffer.

It is all about replication and originality

We can buy the same ford car in any country. It is a miracle of science that creates the same car all around the world. What about the existence that creates humans, everyone is unique? We are unique and one in approx. seven billion people on the earth. There is a difference between originality and duplication.  Humans are very good at duplication, and their existence is excellent in originality.

We recognize, praise and pride our creation because we are the creators, which is nothing but duplication. We hardly see the beauty, love, and wisdom of the existence which creates everything original. Our contribution is very little which is simply supporting this uniqueness and originality in creation. The replication in modern technology overshadows this originality.

Self-discovery is in reality discovery of this existence

This invention, discovery, and research outside the human frame are insignificant as compared to self-discovery. No doubt, modern technology, and its applications have made our life comfortable but not peaceful, full of pleasure but devoid of inner happiness. Even a scientist has to discover – the self within to be happy and in peace. What is original has some different substance in it that cannot be compared with what we replicate every day in technology and its applications. An Ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes ran out of the bathroom, naked crying ‘Eureka’ – I found it. Wikipedia writes – ‘He was asked to determine whether the dishonest goldsmith had substituted some silver, in the crown of a king. Archimedes had to solve the problem without damaging the crown, so he could not melt it down into a regularly shaped body to calculate its density. While taking a bath, he noticed that the level of the water in the tub rose as he got in and realized that this effect could be used to determine the volume of the crown’.

Eastern Wisdom shows Kundalini meditation free from dangers and mixing

 We need to solve the puzzle of how this existence creates all of us. The masters guide us to work on four questions:

Who am I?

What is this world and why?

What is existence?

How to live and work in peace, happiness, love, and wisdom in daily life?

The answers to the above questions bring us near to the existence. Many people it as spiritual development, awakening or Kundalini. And if ancient seers called it, spiritual, that means another dimension of consciousness. Spirituality is nothing but knowing the existence that transcends the mind and body. It is the self or real-self or higher consciousness. When we approach this existence through its force is known as Kundalini-yoga/ meditation.

Kundalini is an integral approach to inner peace, happiness, and wisdom

The tantra is agama which means, revelations from Shiva, the first master. There are over 500 ancient texts that explain in detail about Kundalini. If we want a journey free from dangers, fears, and confusions, we should follow the teachings of the ancient masters.

The journey to kundalini does not divide us as seen in modern teachings. It discovers the unity and oneness within.  The division in material and spiritual lives causes ignorance, says, masters. And ignorance causes suffering that includes fears, confusions, wrong notions, and strong likes and dislikes.

One can start the journey by self-assessment as taught by the masters because it makes a transition in life and makes a seeker. A seeker who does initial practices of Viveka (discernment of what I am and what I am not) clears his mind. The second principle  Vairagya (dispassion and not delusion) , awakens to six inner treasures ( while dissolving six enemies of cravings, obsessions, agitation etc. ) of conscious relaxation, refining the sense perception to see what is right and good in life, working on the mind to express calm, discipline and educating the mind etc.

Mentor and Guide:  Girish Jha, MS. BS has been teaching wellness for the last 40+ years to patients seeking proven results without relying on pharmaceuticals. He has helped to improve the quality of life of persons who have psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD & anxiety) and physical illnesses (muscular dystrophy, various forms of cancer and debilitating pain.  Girish Jha has studied Eastern psychology and hundreds of traditional practices under 50 Himalayan Masters in addition to his formal training in modern sciences. He directly delivers the program. Great Himalayan masters mentor him. He learned from more than 50 masters based on the authentic texts. The Eastern wisdom that is more than 6000 years old, with 3000 teachers and texts.

For more information: info@girishjha.org

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