Right Intention in mind & regular practice awakens the Shakti

Module 1.3 Right Intention in mind & regular practice awakens the Shakti

Note: The series of articles is part of the program – Retrain the brain. Module-1 includes talk, training, technique, tips, guided practices digital delivery of audio files to practice at home, sharing of experiences for progress, removing barriers and much more. For detail information about the program, write to info@girishjha.org

Retrain the brain- release stress & discover Inner peace

Module-1 Discipline, educate and empower the mind

As you uninstall the old software, reinstall upgrade and latest software for smooth functioning of PC, the program evolves the mind and the brain that awakens to inner peace and happiness. The program includes understanding of Kundalini, Nada, Mantra, Mudra, Yoga-Nidra, Pranayama, Chakra, Vayu, Granthi, Yantra, Tray Sarira, five Koshas, Shiva-Shakti as taught by great masters of Eastern Wisdom.

The essence of teaching, practices and personalized sessions for individual and groups is based on revelations of great masters Dattatreya, Kapila, and Complete books of Upanishads, Gita and Sutra. The integral teaching from Eastern Wisdom drops all the obstacles one after one and opens the gateway to freedom, peace, happiness, love, wisdom to live life with our true nature.

The module -1 gives you knowledge, practices, power and experience to start working on the mind that changes the brain. The brain changes your attitudes that brings about change in personality and life. when mind works on us, it makes us lazy, crazy, reactive, stressed, negative and suffer.

  • Learn how to replace stress response with relaxation response.
  • Retrain body, brain, breath and mind to restore well-being.
  • Manage day-to-day challenges of anxiety, stress, fatigue & insomnia.
  • Awaken to the dynamic power of the self and explore inner potential.

What is the intention? A desire that brings an end to all desires

It is the purpose to act in a certain way. Without understanding that mind can make a choice, we cannot create an intention. Life evolves unconsciously at all time. The only human being can choose to evolve it consciously. There comes the intention. The Seeker of peace and happiness educates the mind, how to leave and drop all desires – seeking things outside, to preserve and prevent the waste of energy. It does not mean that seeker has to go to the Himalayas leaving his day to day work.  It does not mean we stop living in the house, driving a car, eating food we like, working in the office. It means we don’t work and live life for the sake of projecting happiness and peace in the things of the world outside. We enjoy everything still; we are conscious that happiness and peace are our essential nature and cannot be found in the world outside.  

Why is the intent required for the mind?

Mind at present is heavily conditioned. It has forgotten that we have potentials for peace, happiness, wisdom, love, and truth. We need to sow the seed and make it pregnant. We all know what pregnancy means – it takes nine months at least to deliver a baby. What about our intention. It depends on our intensity, commitment, and regularity.

How intention helps Living from inside to outside – qualitative difference

We are living from outside to inside. It means the mind is always looking for peace, happiness, and love outside by projecting happiness in the objects. My master asked a couple:

Husband: she does not love me?

Wife: he does not love me?

 My master: you both are baggers, seeking love from others. Seeking love from others means, the mind is projecting love as if love lies within husband or wife. It is not true, because love first manifests within, then goes outside. Not from outside to inside to outside. Living from inside to outside is to live in Love, Energy, Awareness, and Peace. When we live from outside to inside, we like to fill the emptiness within with pleasure, avoidance of pain and suffering

How Right intention breaks the craziness of mind and limited view of the world and life

The limited view is me, mine and i. this creates the wrong perception leads to the wrong intention. It invites all the defects of the mind. We experience Mind thinks big by age

The mind thinks by power

The mind thinks big by knowledge

The mind thinks attachment is love

The mind thinks a desire helps to receive pleasure

 The mind thinks to destroy pain we need another desire.

Limited perception leads to wrong notions and thinking. The wrong thinking leads to ignorance, and the ignorance is the cause of suffering, says all masters of Eastern Wisdom.

Great master guides us for right intention in life

Om! May He (self or the supreme consciousness) protect us (master and disciples) both together (in the journey to self-discovery?)

May He nurture (provide all necessities for physical survival) us both together

May we work (learn, practice, awaken and liberate) closely together with great energy (enthusiasm, commitment, dedication, and perseverance),

May our Sadhana (practices for awakening includes study, practice, and contemplation) be strong and active;

May we not mutually envy (or may we not hate any).

Om! Let there be Peace, Peace, and Peace

Om Shanti Shanti and Shanti

Right Intention can transform life

Valmiki- first a dacoit and dreaded criminal who became a great poet, and master. The story says that master gave him a mantra – Rama made of two syllables means present. The opposite of Rama is Mara means nonexistent or dead. He got enlightenment by this word. He composed Ramayana, a great epic that contains 23 000 verses. He lived around 500 BC.

Neuroscience says– intention and regular practice brings the change

Neuroscience says that the brain changes its structure and functions. This change can change our attitude, habits, traits and physiological, psychological functions. Latest understanding suggests that meditation practices can help change the brain to release stress, achieve inner peace, happiness, and well-being.

Mantra leads to the right intention that awakens the Shakti supported by other practices

Mantra means sound by which one liberates the mind from suffering. The intention hidden in the mantra is learned by the teacher. The teacher teaches the seeker by opening the principles, inspiring for contemplation and reflection, followed by the practice with wisdom. The mind of a seeker removes all doubts, and confusions and commits to the practices free from fear. The danger in anything lies in the field of the unknown and not in the field of known. When a teacher also commits like the seeker, the result is always better than expected.

Mentor and Guide Girish Jha, MS. BS has been teaching wellness for the last 40+ years to patients seeking proven results without relying on pharmaceuticals. He has helped to improve the quality of life of persons who have psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD & anxiety) and physical illnesses (muscular dystrophy, various forms of cancer and debilitating pain.  Girish Jha has studied Eastern psychology and hundreds of traditional practices under 50 Himalayan Masters in addition to his formal training in modern sciences. He directly delivers the program. Great Himalayan masters mentor him. He learned from more than 50 masters based on the authentic texts. The Eastern wisdom that is more than 6000 years old, with 3000 teachers and texts. For more information: info@girishjha.org

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