Module 1.2 Subjective vs. Objective reality & Kundalini

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Retrain the brain- release stress & discover Inner peace

Module-1 Discipline, educate and empower the mind

As you uninstall the old software, reinstall upgrade and latest software for smooth functioning of PC, the program evolves the mind and the brain, that awakens to inner peace and happiness. The program includes understanding of Kundalini, Nada, Mantra, Mudra, Yoga-Nidra, Pranayama, Chakra, Vayu, Granthi, Yantra, Tray Sarira, five Koshas, Shiva-Shakti as taught by great masters of Eastern Wisdom.

The essence of teaching, practices and personalized sessions for individual and groups is based on revelations of great masters Dattatreya, Kapila, and Complete books of Upanishads, Gita and Sutra. The integral teaching from Eastern Wisdom drops all the obstacles one after one and opens the gateway to freedom, peace, happiness, love, wisdom to live life with our true nature.

The module -1 gives you knowledge, practices, power and experience to start working on the mind that changes the brain. The brain changes your attitudes that brings about change in personality and life. when mind works on us, it makes us lazy, crazy, reactive, stressed, negative and suffer.

  • Learn how to replace stress response with relaxation response.
  • Retrain body, brain, breath and mind to restore well-being.
  • Manage day-to-day challenges of anxiety, stress, fatigue & insomnia.
  • Awaken to the dynamic power of the self and explore inner potential.

Science vs. Eastern Wisdom

Science aims at understanding the world outside. It is an objective reality. It works at its best in cause and effect relationship. The manual of science is discovering, how objective reality can help live better. The goal if seeking pleasure, satisfaction in the objects and people around us. Still, the mind seeks permanent peace and happiness.

We are more than the objective reality i.e., we are not the body, breath, mind, intellect, ego, money, gadgets and what is in the world outside. The subjective reality is different from objective reality. We possess the body, life, mind, intellect, and emotions. We are not the body, breath, brain, mind, intellect, and emotions. Then who we are?

Manual of Eastern Wisdom if different

We need a different manual to discover what does not change deep within us. Eastern wisdom aims at discovering the subjective reality. This is known as real-self or highest consciousness. The goal of eastern wisdom to discover the real-self or subjective reality to release stress and achieve well-being, peace, and happiness in life. The manuals of finding the real-self are texts, teachings, practices of Eastern Wisdom include, Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini, Mantra, Nada, Mudra, Chakra, Meditation, etc.

Science complements the journey of Kundalini and mindfulness

Neuroscience says that the brain changes its structure and functions. This change can change our attitude, habits, traits and physiological, psychological functions. Latest understanding suggests that meditation practices can help change the brain to release stress, achieve inner peace, happiness, and well-being. The latest understanding is verified by neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and neurogenesis.

Meditation or mindfulness is essentially one, but steps are different depending on the temperament of individuals. The path may be different because of the level of the practitioner, may follow the passive or active or dynamic practices. The passive practices include mindfulness; active meditation includes mantra and dynamic include Kundalini meditation practices. According to the teachings of masters, every seeker needs all the above practices to reach to the destination. Buddha followed many active and dynamic practices for years before the final practice of mindfulness.

Understanding leads to clarity to practice to results

The masters who discovered these practices are based on the principles of Eastern Wisdom. The four steps help us to know, how logical they were:

Step-1 We don’t know, let us know, what it is.

Step-2 We don’t understand it. Let us understand and remove doubts, confusions, mysticism and wrong notions.

Step-3 we don’t experience, let us practice as taught by the masters.

Step-4 revelations by the changes we experience in day to day life.

The dynamic force (Kundalini) or Shakti is to discover Shiva

Before we understand Kundalini, masters tweak to check if we are a seeker who will tread the path with determination, strength and regular practice. The senses are the Seer and objects are Seen. We are somewhere within the eyes and not in the objects that are seen and far from us. But the senses change, and mind knows that they are changing. It means senses are Seen and mind is the Seer. But someone knows that changes in the mind. It means there is someone who knows the changes of mind, is the Real-Seer or self behind the mind, senses, objects of the world outside. It is Shiva and power by which world, senses, mind and intellect work is Shakti or Kundalini. The seeker understands the principals through deep contemplation and reflection after regular practice with wisdom; the seeker finds the truth about Kundalini Shakti.

Mentor and Guide Girish Jha, MS. BS has been teaching wellness for the last 40+ years to patients seeking proven results without relying on pharmaceuticals. He has helped to improve the quality of life of persons who have psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD & anxiety) and physical illnesses (muscular dystrophy, various forms of cancer and debilitating pain.  Girish Jha has studied Eastern psychology and hundreds of traditional practices under 50 Himalayan Masters in addition to his formal training in modern sciences. He directly delivers the program. Great Himalayan masters mentor him. He learned from more than 50 masters based on the authentic texts. The Eastern wisdom that is more than 6000 years old, with 3000 teachers and texts. For more information: